ECC was set up by Rhed Fawell and is a not-for-profit art collective comprising of a group of collage artists that share a similar creative vision in their methods, materials and/or visual narratives.

The collective and its nine members are rapidly building an online presence through the website and social media channels which share the work of our artist members as well as encourage others to engage and participate in the work we produce.

Through the collective’s regular meetings, we actively collaborate on collage projects as well as discuss our plans for the future of the collective and how to achieve our collective aims. Our aim as a small artist run collective is to actively encourage a dialogue around ‘contemporary collage’ and the benefits that socially engaged practice can have on the local community.

As well as organising ECC members exhibitions, site-specific projects and events, we are also committed to organising community events which allow for collaboration between ECC members and the general public. Our aim is for these events to reach out to a diverse section of the public, including disadvantaged groups and Edinburgh-based charities and organisations.

Our Goals
ECC aims to develop creative possibilities and outcomes. Our main focus is to create a friendly and relaxed environment for our nine collage artists to share skills, processes and to engage in creative dialogue. We hope to work collectively to help each other improve both our practice and profile and to organise group exhibitions.