Edinburgh Collage Collective

Edinburgh Collage Collective was foundered and is run by Rhed Fawell. ECC’s aim is to connect and working with collage artists, locally and globally, through online showcasing, open submission projects, exhibitions, workshops and organised collaborations.

In the current social and political climate, ECC believes it is more important than ever to forge international links with other artists. Our primary focus is initiating a dialogue around the medium of collage. We want to explore its history as a process, its ability to inspire change and its continuing relevance.

The digital age has allowed us to forge connections with other collage communities, paving the way for us to share our ideas and process. Creative channels are opened and dialogues are formed through small collaborations or larger community projects. These initiatives build a network of like-minded artists with a shared passion.

We are able to use this virtual digital community to create and assemble a physical collection of collage works which would otherwise never have existed.

New collages are featured daily on our Instagram social media feed. To see more and connect with ECC, please visit us at:


Cut & Post announcement

ECC and @moif_collage would like to express our profound thanks to all the talented collage artists around the world who contributed to our ‘Cut & Post’ project. 

We were completely overwhelmed by the response. Over 1400 individual pieces of work were submitted and the standard was incredibly high. Obviously, this made the selection process extremely difficult since only 24 pieces could go on to be printed as part of our first postcard set. Each of the four person selection panel considered every submission and then produced their own shortlist of 50. They then met and compared these shortlists. After much passionate debate, the final 24 were agreed on. A big thanks to both Leeleelaluna and Kieran madden for being part of our panel and for their tireless energy!

The artists selected have now been notified and we are moving on to producing our postcard set.

List of artists
Allan Bealy – USA
César Solís Vega  (Precipicio) – Chile
Errin Ironside (upsideironside) – USA
Eugenia Conde  – Argentina
Emma Sutherland – Scotland
Frances Ryan (Little Pink Dog) – Scotland
Juan Carlos – Spain
Juliette Pestel – Netherlands
Kieran Madden -Australia
Keith Childress (CottonKomet) – USA
Kellette Elliott  – USA
LeeLeeLaLuna – Scotland
Lee McKenna – New Zealand
Lo Súper – Spain
Margot de Korte – Netherlands 
Mark Watkins – England
Mark Murphy – England
Miranda Millward (Scissorspaperpaste) – England
Rhed Fawell – Scotland
Ross Dalziel (scottieboyross) – Scotland
Sam Kennedy – England
Seán Hillen – Ireland
Vincent La Scala – USA
Wolves of Suburba – England

Because of the astonishing response, we are currently exploring ways in which we might be able to expand the outcome of the project. Please look out for an announcement in the near future. 

In the meantime, thanks again to all those who took part. It was a privilege to to view so much collage work of such wide range and such high quality.   

We will be producing 100 sets of 24 limited edition postcards. If you would like to pre-purchase a set please contact either Edinburghcollagecollective via rhed@rhed.co.uk or moif_collage.  A release date to be confirmed shortly. Once released, please visit our ECC shop here on the site.